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Freshwater’s 52 Weeks of Adventure – Can We Do It?

Freshwater’s 52 Weeks of Adventure – Can We Do It?

Freshwater’s 52 Weeks of Adventure – Can We Do It?

Welcome to ‘Freshwater’s 52 Weeks of Adventure Challenge’. It may be that the wet season heat has gotten to us, or maybe we just love this region so gosh darn much that we need to find an excuse to go out adventuring every week, as we are taking on an exciting but potentially exhausting task. Over the next 12 months our small local Kimberley team will be tackling and chronicling 52 different adventure experiences in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia. There will be prizes and offers along the way, and we’re expecting more than a few grazed knees and challenging times, so we’d love for you to come along for the ride. Join The Adventure!

The Beautiful Lake Argyle

Here is a little local trivia about the region we so fondly call home:

  • The East Kimberley covers an area 117,514 km². That’s 3 times the size of Switzerland, yet it has fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other part of the world.
  • Interestingly, the region also has the highest boat ownership percentage in the state.
  • Lake Argyle is the largest artificial lake in Australia by volume, averaging 18 times the volume of Sydney Harbour.
  • The Kununurra Diversion Dam was completed in 1963 and the Lake Argyle Dam wall was completed in 1971 creating the Ord River Irrigation Area and Australia’s most exciting horticultural development at the time.

Gwion Gwion Rock Art, also known as Gyorn Gyorn and Bradshaw Rock Art, is among the world's oldest

  • Some of the world’s oldest Rock Art exists on the Kimberley Coast and small amounts can be found further inland near Kununurra and Wyndham. Bradshaw Rock Art also known as Gwion Gwion or Gyorn Gyorn to traditional owners is showered with mystery and continues to baffle the greatest scientific minds.
  • Tony Wheeler founder of Lonely Planet has listed Kimberley Coastal Camp (which is accessible from either Kununurra or Broome) as his favourite destination IN THE WORLD!
  • Wolfe Creek Crater, 100kms from the town of Halls Creek is the second largest meteorite crater in the world.
  • The small town of Halls Creek was the first Goldfields in WA with Wyndham serving as the main entry and exit point to the district. There are some incredible stories from those times including one prospector who pushed his sick friend in a wheelbarrow the 350 estimated kilometres back to Wyndham for medical assistance!

Proof! That bobbing around in the Ord River or Lake Argyle is one of the best things to do in the Kimberley

  • Australia’s very first international flight was through Wyndham (or so we’re told).
  • Tamarind trees which are foreign in Australia are found on many beaches along the Kimberley Coast. They were planted there by the Macassan Trepang fishermen in the 18th century to enjoy their Vitamin C rich fruit to ward off scurvy. If only they knew of the nutritional value of the local bush tuckers which are found in abundance in those areas.
  • Argyle Diamond Mine is the world’s largest producer of the very rare Purplish Pink Diamonds. Anna Kournikova sports an 11carat Pink Argyle Diamond.
  • It has been scientifically proven that there is NOTHING BETTER than bobbing around in the Ord River with a cold drink on a hot day watching the changing colours of a Kimberley sunset. (According to our research).

We’re excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to share with you just some of the experiences on offer in the East Kimberley. Join the Adventure and come along for the ride.

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