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Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road

Who would have thought that along this one stretch of road you could experience many things and what a long list of things it is!

Awe-inspiring scenery, secluded gorges, station life, five star accommodation, camping under the stars, bushwalking, swimming, wildlife, birdlife, Aboriginal history, vast savannahs, catching an elusive barramundi, steep cliff faces and an appreciation for our early explorers tenacity! You will need to allow yourself the time to enjoy it all.

What’s along the way? Well … hopefully this distance chart will provide some assistance:

Distance Chart Distance From (km) Derby Kununurra

  • Broome 222km 927km
  • Mowanjum Art Centre & Community 10km 695km
  • Derby Leporasarium 11km 694km
  • Birdwood Downs 16km 689km
  • Meeda Station Turn-off (no public access) 40.5km (+6km to Station turn-off) 664.5km (+6km to Station turn-off
  • May River Turn-off (Free Campsite/Barra Fishing) 40.5km (turn-off at Meeda +12km to campsite) 664.5km (+12km to campsite)
  • Blina Oilfield (no public access) 69km 636km
  • Kimberley Downs Turn-off (no public access) 80km 625km
  • Kimberley Diamond Mine (no public access) 116km 589km
  • Tunnel Creek/Windjana Gorge/Highway 1 Turn-off 119km 586km
  • Lennard River 119.5km 585.5km
  • Napier Station & Range (no public access) 135km 570km
  • Black Granite Mine 152km 553km
  • Inglis Gap 188km 517km
  • Mt Hart Turn-off 190km 515km
  • Lennard Gorge Turn-off 195km 510km
  • Bell Gorge Turn-off 214km 491km
  • Imintji Store & Roadhouse 223km 482km
  • Mornington Turn-off 255km 450km
  • Charnley Turn-off 255km 450km
  • Adcock Gorge Turn-off 267km 438km
  • Galvans Gorge Carpark 284km 421km
  • Barnett Roadhouse/Manning Gorge Turn-off 300km 405km
  • Barnett Gorge Turn-off 330km 375km
  • Mt Elizabeth Turn-off 345km 360km
  • Kalumburu & Mitchell Plateau/Falls Turn-off 411km 294km
  • Drysdale River Station 470km 353km
  • Ellenbrae Station 476km 229km
  • Home Valley Station 591km 114km
  • El Questro Wilderness Park/Station Turn-off 624km 81km
  • Wyndham/Kununurra Turn-off (Gibb River Road end) 660km 45km
  • Wyndham 716km 101km
  • Kununurra 705km 0km

Like more information – go to or purchase a Gibb River Road Guide from Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments.